Why yoga for string players?

Yoga can help to develop body awareness, improve mobility, build strength, and calm the nervous system. It can be a fantastic tool for pain management, injury prevention, and rehab.

I initially began practicing yoga as a means to address the physical and psychological demands of being a professional classical musician (I’m a cellist with a dark past as a double major in violin performance). After a lot of searching, I eventually discovered a style which I fell in love with and took my first teacher training shortly thereafter. Little did I expect that at the end of this course, in addition to becoming a stronger yoga practitioner, I would emerge a better cellist and a better cello teacher. It’s amazing what an understanding of anatomy and body mechanics can do!

Fast-forward several years, and I have discovered a way to combine my three passions (music, yoga, and teaching) so that I can help other string players to become more body-aware so that they can prevent injury and play with ease for years to come.