On this page you will find links to sheetmusic, books, products, and/or services which I recommend.  


Books for Beginners

Cello Time Series by Kathy and David Blackwell:

Cello Time Joggers
Cello Time Runners
Cello Time Sprinters

Cello Technique

Alwin Schroeder: 170 Foundation Studies (Book 1)
Sevcik: Op. 3 - 40 Variations

All five books by Rick Mooney:

Position Pieces for Cello Book 1
Position Pieces for Cello Book 2
Thumb Position for Cello Book 1
Thumb Position for Cello Book 2
Double Stops for Cello



The following books have been helpful to me as a performer and/or educator:

W. Timothy Gallwey: The Inner Game of Tennis
Marshall B. Rosenberg: Nonviolent Communication


Cello Accessories 

From chairs to finger tape, you will find my favourite products here!

Adjustrite Cello Chair - Standard
Adjustrite Junior Stool 
Xeros Endpin Anchor